Sharing Your Legacy

 A Quick Overview:
What Most of Us Do

Do You Have a Will?
Though most Americans are aware that they need some sort of Will, the majority of us - about 60% - don't have one. People procrastinate for many reasons, but it's important to know that Estate Planning - no matter what the size of your estate - doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. And once it's done, you'll rest easier, knowing that your wishes will be fulfilled no matter what the future brings.

Universal Truth: You Can't Take it With You
But will your inheritors have to pay for what you leave behind? When a person dies, someone must step in to finalize that person's affairs. Bills must be paid, property must be accounted for and assets must be passed on to the heirs chosen by the deceased person. Without other arrangements, state law usually requires that all this be handled through court proceedings. This process can take many months. Because probate is time consuming, expensive and usually unnecessary, smart people plan in advance to avoid placing this burden on their heirs.


How Estate Planning Works
It's as Easy as: A B C




This is the "A" Part

Let's begin with your Estate. All of us have a variety of Assets. Usually, these fall into three categories:

1) Real Property. This would be your home and other real properties you own

2) Personal Property. This would be property like automobiles, furniture, jewelry, computers, etc

3) Titled Property. This would be items like bank and brokerage accounts, life insurance, retirement plans and other financial instruments

This is the "B" Part
We all have heirs or Beneficiaries. Typically, these are your children - those who you want to receive your assets after you pass. This could also be a charity like your church. The objective of an Estate Plan then, after our passing, is to make sure "A" gets to "B". Pretty simple. However, there are sometimes Conditions.

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This is the "C" Part A Condition can be a future, uncertain event OR a known issue. In either case, something needs to be done. As an example, if one of your beneficiaries were only 12 years old he would be unable to receive your assets until he reached a certain age, usually 18 or above. Therefore, a provision would need to be made to allow for this condition. In addition to affecting a Beneficiary, a Condition can affect the individuals setting up an estate plan and how assets transfer. Consequently, the real objective of an Estate Plan is to get "A" to "B"while taking into consideration "C" - a variety of potential conditions. See video to learn how, for most people, these objectives can be accomplished.

Your Estate Plan
Includes the Following Components:


Revocable Living Trust
This is the "core" document of your plan allowing you to state who is to receive your stuff. Our Trust provides privacy, convenience and control that everyone wants. The cost savings and administrative efficiencies associated with a fully funded Revocable Living Trust are well established undisputed facts.


Durable Powers of Attorney
This document is designed so you can select a person to act on your behalf to make decisions for you if your become incapacitated. The individual or agent you select would then be able to make financial decisions if you cannot.


Last Will & Testament
Should you not place all your assets into your Trust, your Last Will, sometimes called a Pour Over Will, will accomplish this objective. Your Will directs that any assets that are in your name when you die are to transfer to your Trust. This allows you to be sure that ALL your assets will flow through your Trust. Additionally, your Will states your choice of a guardian for any appropriate beneficiary.


Health Care Directives
This document allows you to make multiple health care directives. Examples of directives are: having life support systems removed or allowing for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Additionally, you can appoint the person who would carry out your requests. And, you have the ability to update your instructions on line at anytime.

See Sample Estate Plan ->  Individual                                       See Sample Estate Plan ->  Couple



Client Console
When you set up Your Plan you are provided a password protected account in the 'cloud' - your Client Console. This account is complementary for ninety days providing a number of benefits:
♦ E-Sign Dynamics - You Sign ALL Your Documents On Line
♦ Electronic Funding Kit to Assign All Assets to Trust
♦ 24/7 On Line Document Access
♦ Emergency Physician Access to Health Care Docs
♦ Trustee Access to Trust Documents
♦ Personal PostScript & Medical Alert Page
♦ Unlimited FREE Document Changes
♦ E-Vault Document Repository



People in Your Plan
Typically, your Beneficiary is the individual who receives your assets. Other people in your plan include the Estate Administrator, the one who makes financial decisions if you are not able and the one who follows your instructions concerning your assets after you die. Additionally, you need to chose someone to make medical choices if you can not. Adult children or other family members are usually chosen for these positions.

My LifeCard Plan - MLCP Makes It Easy to Develop a Personalized Estate Plan












My LifeCard Plan (MLCP) is a processing platform well suited for today’s environment that allows you to easily obtain estate planning document sets. Today, a complete Estate Plan is made up of several components. Your Plan will consist of a number of time-proven documents.

The foundation used to support the MLCP platform comes from designing and generating proven estate planning applications (since 1985) through our original back-office-services processing company, Integrated Trust Systems. ALL processing is done on line. You will have access to a 'cloud' account to expedite processing and administration of your Estate Plan. Here you will be able to:

♦ Retrieve your documents

♦ Review your documents

♦ E-sign all your documents

♦ Electronically schedule and assign assets to your Trust

♦ E-sign your electronic schedule

♦ Make updates to suit your family's changing needs

♦ Safely store personal and financial records for easy retrieval

This three minute video illustrates the complete online experience. From data entry to 'cloud' registration to document retrieval, electronic signing, Trust "funding" and more . . . My LifeCard Plan puts everything you need to safely and easily develop a personal estate plan at your fingertips.

Trust APPs Extend Your Ability to Customize Your Estate Plan

Today, people like the positive aspects of online document planning - lower costs, quicker document completion and in general it's a much easier process. However, some see online documents as being simplistic, offering limited choices to customize the documents, therefore making their application limited to those with simple needs. MLCP offers an alternative - Specific Trust Directive APPs.

APPs are similar to those on your smartphone or tablet, where you have a number of apps that provide different types of information applications. The MLCP APPs allow you to add additional data to your estate plan to accomplish a variety of different objectives. A number of APPs will be familiar, some will not. We will answer any questions you may have about APP application when you do your initial 15 minute Q&A session or when we assist you to complete your plan.

Here are examples of current APP availability:
[Click HERE for more detail]

Specific Trust Directive APPs Customize Your Plan:


   ▷ Age Based Options (Age 21 is Trust Default [TD] language):

       ◇ Single Age Choice

       ◇ Two Age Choice

       ◇ Three Age Choice

       ◇ Four Age Choice

   ▷ Contingent Distribution Clauses to other combinations

       ◇ Eight Different Relative Combination Choices

    ▷ Beneficiary Debt Forgiveness

        ◇ Debt of a Beneficiary Shall Be Forgiven

    ▷ Charitable Beneficiary Distribution Terms

        ◇ % of Assets Set Aside, % Annually Given To Charity for  Period of Time,

        ◇ % of Assets Set Aside, % Annually Given To Beneficiary for Time  Period

     ▷ Generational Holding Sub-Trust

        ◇ Ten Different Choices to Leave Assets to a Beneficiary in Trust

     ▷ Inherited IRA Controlled Distribution Terms

         ◇Two Choices to Have IRA Distributed to a Beneficiary(ies) Through the Trust

      ▷ Marital Trust "B" Non-Approtionment  Clause

      ▷ Pet Trust Addendum Supplement

      ▷ Successor Trustee Appointment(s) / Modification

         ◇ Additional Successor Trustee Appointment(s)

         ◇ Successor Trustees Serve Together

      ▷ Trust Protector & Investment Advisor

         ◇ Trust Protector

         ◇ Trust Investment Advisor

      ▷ Trust / Supplemental Administrative Provisions

         ◇ Separate Allocation of Life Insurance Policy(s)

         ◇ Business Entity Continuation Language


 Starting is Simple


♦ You Begin With Data Entry - Click ->HERE<-

When you click on HERE you will be able to begin entering data. Also, you
need to enter an Access Code, which your Advisor provides. You will then
be able to enter data about yourself and your objectives. In most cases,
you will  be assisted by Client Management Services (CMS) personnel
and your Advisor.


♦ Data Gathering - Online

You enter personal info and your objectives for who will get your assets;
how and when that will happen. When complete, your data is processed,
usually with payment. 


♦ Document Retrieval & Review - Online

Your documents are auto generated as data is entered in data entry. The
Client Console - your 'cloud' account - is set up to retrieve and review
documents for suitability.


♦ Document Execution - Online

You E-Sign all documents that make up your Dynamic Trust Portfolio.
Additionally, any Trust addendums are also E-Signed.

♦ Assign All Assets Into Trust - Online

You assign -- list each of your assets -- into  your Trust using the electronic
Asset Schedule. You then E-Sign each asset category.


♦ Still Have Questions - Click ->HERE<-

After you click on HERE select CLIENTS  and pick a 15 minute session
time that fits your schedule.This brief session will allow you to get all
your questions answered - No obligation! - Also, based on your feedback,
we will be able to give you an accurate fee estimate.

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"This is admirably clear." Frank, CO

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"Thanks for all your help and for making this a very painless process!" Lori, NY

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"Wow!" Dave, AZ


Our Heritage

For over twenty-five years we have made every effort to offer the best document sets for clients of individuals who work in the Financial Services Community. Additionally, we created a National Attorney Network to represent clients. In that period of time we also generated over 17,000 personalized Estate Plans for couples and individuals.

Current Services

Today, we are able to provide our services directly to you via the Internet. We have applied our numerous years of experience and the latest technology to create a quality, robust set of Estate Planning documents to fit the needs of just about everybody! Additionally, we can assist you in all stages of processing.

MLCP Features

As you can see, the MLCP processing system is unique and innovative. For some this may lead to additional questions that we would like to address:
Security Measures: We are committed to the highest standards of data encryption technology. Click HERE to see the details.
Attorney Participation: MLCP offers you several choices. (1) You may select a Nevada licensed attorney to review the suitability of your objectives for the documents selected. (2) You may select your own attorney to review and modify, if appropriate, your documents or (3) You may select no attorney.
♦ Nevada Situs: All MLCP estate planning documents use Nevada's favorable pro-Trust laws, which fully support the MLCP process. Click HERE for links to a number of Nevada statutes that support MLCP applications.
♦ Corporate Trustee: Today, many people are seeing the value of professionals assisting in the Estate settlement process. Click HERE to view a brief overview of some of those benefits. MLCP dynamics contribute to efficiencies in this process helping to create greater value pricing for these services.
♦ Traditional / 21st Century Trust Funding: Traditionally, assets were placed in a Trust by the use of a schedule. MLCP uses electronic funding schedules to make this process easy. Click HERE to read a  brief white paper that explains the legal support for the MLCP process.
♦ "You Pick" Processing Options: Because Nevada Statutes fully support the MLCP processing methodology, ALL processing functions are done online. However, some may prefer, as an example, to have an actual paper copy of the various parts of the process. Click HERE to see  several options we provide that one can follow.

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